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    Hi HotBinners.

    I don't actually own a HotBin yet, but I have
    been researching whether or not it would be a suitable way of quickly composting and making use of the solid refuse from a composting toilet (also which I don't yet own - very much in a research mode!)

    A little context: I work at a children's nursery where we are largely off-grid when the children play and explore outside on Forest School. We currently have camping toilets which have to be emptied daily into the normal toilets which we are looking to change to lower water use further from having to flush and clean them and also, emptying the buckets is NOT a fun job. Especially when there are two to do! The toilets get used daily regular use so we're looking for a faster way of converting the sawdust/solid waste that will ultimately accumulate into useable, safer fertiliser for non-crops (our orchard trees for example).

    What does everyone think? I know human waste/sawdust can be broken down (Humanure) using conventional cold methods but having poop hanging around for a year or so isn't ideal. So having a sealed container, that produces faster results sounds like an ideal solution! But will it need extra bits added to it? biochar? LOTS of shredded paper?

    Your thoughts are welcome! TIA!

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    Hi Redfoxington,
    I don't see any replies to your question, so I'm interested to know how you got on. I too am considering a hotbin for a compost toilet. In theory it looks a great set up but wondered if you had experiences you could share? Thanks, Hugh


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      The best I can offer is that i've composted the odd bit of cat poop (thank you neighbours cat) and it does compost away quite fast and I only ever add it in when the composter is running at close to max temp. I don't know that I would be keen to have too much poop of any kind. If it does go anaerobic it will stink like nothing else. Even kitchen waste that goes sour can create the most god awful smell. I wonder if a worm composter might be better for poop.


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        I’ve tried a wormery composter that is supposed to turn dog poop into compost but it didn’t work. It was an expensive trial, as all of the worms escaped.


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          If the mix the worms are in, gets to wet, goes sour, or gets too hot, the worms will run for the hills.