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  • A few queries!

    Hello, my name is Emma and I have been in possession of our Hotbin Mini for almost 2 weeks ... got set up well, followed all instructions and was amazed how quickly we got up to 50°. Our bin is about half full and not compacted however I have noticed a couple of things:-
    My cam strap is tight but the front panel is pushing forward is this correct or do I need another cam strap?
    Lid is as fully closed as it possibly can be and fly eggs are being laid all around the inside edge of the bin and around the front panel every day and am I cleaning them off twice a day! ... am I being too fastidious? ... (hot weather possibly isn't helping)! ... Would a cover help?
    Fluid is leaking from the small vent in the bottom, centre of my bin as opposed to the little leachate tap ... is this normal?
    Many thanks for your assistance!

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    Hi Emma - Although I've had my Hotbin for a fair while now, I wouldn't say I'm an expert!
    However, regarding the cam strap, my front panel is usually pushing forward a bit, so I'm probably of the opinion that that's normal.
    You say your lid is a fully closed as possible - is the valve (on the lid) open or closed? It needs to be very slightly open - about 2mm from memory, but it's probably worth checking what Hotbin says. The fly eggs sound unpleasant to say the least, I've been lucky and never had that, so difficult for me to comment.
    Fluid does leak from the small vent at the bottom, that's normal. Although I don't have the latest model with the tap, so again, might be worth checking with Hotbin themselves.