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  • New kid on the patch.....

    Good Morning All. Have only just discovered the revolution called Hotbin. Wot a miracle. A good pal on a neighbouring allotment could not make his Hotbin work. The fixture plate around the vent valve had been chewed by rats. Anyway he gave it to me. 5 minutes later it was full of horse manure . I packed ratty's opening with foam pipe lag, then 4 days later the temperature started to climb. It has been at 60- 65 C for a week so I have to keep topping up the level. High temps are damped down with liquid to hand. Steam is constantly venting from Ratty's Vent now fully open. The internal reactor is behaving in slow motion chain reaction ie exponential reaction rates. Now renamed Chernobyl Bravo. Then observed a BNIB Hotbin being sold on Gumtree by an impulsive purchaser. So the allotment now boasts 2 Hotbins. Not yet fired up Chernobyl Charlie. Got to shred more brown and create a better balanced diet for BinMix 2. Just discovered all your old posts. Most helpful. Many thanks.

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    On the odd occasion my bin gets too hot, I open the lid and leave it for a while. I think adding liquid to cool it down might make your resulting compost too wet and potentially rather smelly?