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    I bought a hotbin in April this year. My hope was that if it was a success I could buy another and not have to have a compost heap in a small garden. Sadly, despite it being the hottest summer on record and my bin showing high temperatures the amount of good usable compost I have is zero. I do have a large amount of very wet half done compost that has had tobe aded to the ordinary compost heap

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    Sorry to hear that your bin hasn't quite worked out the way you'd hoped. As you have found out, it takes a little while to get used to what is essentially a somewhat different way of producing compost. As I was saying in another post a hotbin does require a bit of care and attention to keep it happily working away. What I would recommend is to read through the information on this website to pick up the tips and tricks of successful compost production with a hotbin. If you stick with it, it will eventually make sense. Best of luck.


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      Sadly I followed instructions to the letter. Spent hours cutting up everything very small, used your starter and got nothing but sludge that had to go onto the compost heap