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What is the HotBin made of?

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  • What is the HotBin made of?

    As I understood the Hotbin is made of material very sensitive to UV-radiation. So how long does the Hotbin "live"? Is there some surface-treatment of the material? Thank you!

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    I second this - could you please explain what material the hotbin is made of and is there any chance of the material leeching into the compost. I know the material is like the white stuff that you get on packaging for things like TV's (the stuff that breaks easily and can look like snow). I believe this is a form of plastic, so I'm worried about the plastic leeching into the compost and then eventually into the food.


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      I have the same question, but more from the perspective of recyclability / environmental-friendliness of a HotBin purchase over another approach - how does it compare? Unfortunately these questions don't seem to be attracting many answers!


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        If you click on HotBin help on the banner at the top, then negotiate to Detailed FAQ on right, you will find your queries answered at bottom of the list of FAQs.