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  • I need a Hotbin champion

    Hello fellow Hotbinners. Is there a successful/experienced Hotbinner in the York area who could give me some help? I set up my Hotbin in May, got it running fine, went on holiday after 3 weeks and cannot get it to work as it should since then. I've emptied out the bottom twice, remixed, added (after which I had a few days success before it cooled again), taken advice from the helpful Hotbin advisors... but I'm still hovering below 40c. I am at a loss to work out what I'm doing wrong, though clearly I am. Would someone local be willing to visit me, look at what I've got, and make suggestions? I'm desperate to get it running properly before the cold weather sets in. Many thanks.

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    Have you used the hot water bottle as instructed. I have found it really helps. Also adding pelleted chicken manure helps. Caleb


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      Thanks Caleb. Have done the hot water bottle, several times but will give it another go. Sorry, sourcing pelleted chicken poo is a bridge too far, given all the other bits I've had to acquire to make it work: bulking agent, making shredded paper small enough to mix in, happy hours spent ripping up corrugated cardboard into small enough pieces... lucky I'm retired and feel I have the time, tho' I may be reaching the end of that particular mood!


      • Annemiek van Moorst
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        Hope you are able to restart. I am struggling myself with an bin that went anaerobic. Spent also hours ripping up paper. Do you keep on putting fresh kitchen waste on it? Maybe add some more wood chips or bulking agent could help? Or maybe you have to empty everything and start completely anew. Putting a lot aside in some container or in your garden and gradually building up again using fresh kitchen waste in between. If you have a compost heap you could add some for inocculation.

      • Dawnie4101
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        Chicken poo pellets can be bought at Wilkinson's but they may be seasonal.... look in the fertiliser section.

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      I find chicken manure helps to get the bin started again. Poor them in close the lid and leave it a couple of days


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        My filter bag under the panel in the lid blocked the air flow as it had got old. It is easy to check if this is your problem. Remove the filter bag. Leave overnight. See if the temperature improves. If it does, you can ask the hotbin people about a replacement.