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White powder outside of bin

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  • White powder outside of bin

    Hi there,
    I've been adding to my compost bin for about 2 weeks now. The lid thermometer is reading at 40 degrees C. And when I open the lid it's full of steam. It's mostly grass with some food waste. I've been following the ratio advice, using the cardboard cut up very small ✂️✂️ and the wood chip bulking agent. But I've started to notice a white powdery fungus about half way up on the outside! Where there is a seam/crack of the this normal. I worry I'm not doing it correctly.

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    Hello if your lid temperature is reading 40C then the composting process is working, as the internal temperature (you can check with the separate thermostat that came with the bin) will be higher than than that. I think you are describing the top edge of the removable hatch where the white powder is showing. I have found that some liquid will seep from around the edges of the hatch sometimes and perhaps this is enough to cause a bit of fungus. Generally fungus in the bin is nothing to worry about as it happens when woody material breaks down, there is always fungus on the top of material in my bin and it is composting well.