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Restarting a bin that went aerobic

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  • Restarting a bin that went aerobic

    I was experiencing a very bad smell with the bin more than half filled. Due to lack of aeration I suspect (anaerobic sour and stinky smell), although I thought I did everything as recommended. Temperatures did initially reach almost 40 outside and sometimes were even somewhat higher inside but then fell again.
    So I decided to empty the bin (like some on the forum sugested) and cleaned it all. There was a compacted mass in the lower part: looked like pressed paper, awful smell. When I refilled it with the upper parts that I removed first, I added more paper, also glossy and colored paper as I do not have enough A4 white, wood chips and dry grass clippings. Most of the waste did not seem to be so wet to my surprise. I have the bin filled now above the opening, 40-50%. Then I put in the bottle with boiling water, buried in it and covered with some fresh kitchen waste, paper, wood chips as recommended. The temperature is now 34 degrees, after some hours.
    I have the lower part of the waste lying in a big container, with paper, grass clippings and wood chips. When can I add these?
    I am quite used to making cold compost heaps outside but new to this. Can anyone help me?
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