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Smell like freshly charred wood…or burnt

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  • Smell like freshly charred wood…or burnt

    Hi everyone,

    After a few months of not getting my bin going, I’ve managed to get it fired up over the last few weeks with some better ambient temps and probably making a better mixture of material going in.

    The temp has sat comfortably between 45-55 last few days, only today I opened the lid and the smell was like a smouldering/burnt wood smell. And not the nice wood smell, but a more acrid/charred smell.

    The last few top-ups I’ve put in have been grass clippings, old brassicas we cut down from winter, wood chippings from the garden, and cardboard. And it’s sitting around 55-60 at the moment.

    For the burnt smell, there’s no smoke/fire, but it’s just a subtle smell of it. Any ideas? And is that unusual?

    And no, nothings gone in hot/combustible etc.