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Strong smell emanating from the lid area

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  • Strong smell emanating from the lid area


    We have been using our Hotbin for just under a month now. It is stored in the well deck of our narrowboat and the deck has a canvas cover over it to keep weather off.

    We're having an intermittent problem with a rather unpleasant cabbagy whiff entering the boat. I've checked the lid and all the removable sections to ensure there is nothing preventing good closure, but I'm yet to find a solution. Today I removed the charcoal filter – it smelled the same as the whiff we get and was very wet, so I've left it out to dry in the sun.

    The contents of the bin don't appear overly wet and if anything we struggle to get the moisture up, as a good deal of what we add is our compost toilet contents and these have a large amount of wood shavings in them. I add kitchen scraps every couple of days and also a few handfuls of grass occasionally if I think it's looking dry and the temperature has dropped.
    We had it up to 55°C in the first two weeks, but since then it's been sitting at 30 – 40°C.

    Sadly, we don't have another place we can store the bin, otherwise we'd shift it. Does anyone have any wisdom for getting rid of the nasty niff?