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Don't try masking the cabbage smell

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  • Don't try masking the cabbage smell

    In the interests of sharing.

    I run my hotbin inside our static housebarge, in a utility area, the cabbage smell was wafting into other parts of our boat.

    I tried adding pine essential oil to make it smell better...

    My advice... don't do it.

    It did not affect the hot composting, however, it gave off a putrid rotting pine smell..the cooked cabbage was better

    Hope this helps others who are experimenting with hot composting inside.


    PS Instead we improved the door seal and ventillation in the utlitiy room to stop the smell spreading.

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    Hi Steve!

    We live on a narrowboat and are just getting going with our Hotbin. It got up to temperature within the week and we too are experiencing a rather pungent whiff entering the boat (the bin is in the cratch, which has a cover on it). I closed the valve a little and added more paper and bulking agent yesterday, and today the smell has definitely wained. Fingers crossed! As we don't have anywhere else on the boat we can store it!