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  • Hot but wet

    Hi. I have had my hot in about 5 weeks. It is running at about 60 degrees, so that is all good. It produces a lot of water, however... Maybe half a pint every other day out the tap at the bottom. Also today it seemed for the first time smelly (like poo a bit). It is completely full near the brim.

    I presume somewhere lower down in the bin it has gone anaerobic? Or is this what happens if you start in winter? Do I need to empty and refill with more paper and bulking agent? I thought I had been using plenty and according to the instructions be honest...



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    Hi Kazza
    I started my bin in January and had similar issues. Eventually I found info on website help section. It states that larger quantities of leachate may be present whilst establishing the Hotbin, but if it’s smelly it’s gone anaerobic either due to lack of ventilation or too much moisture.

    I emptied and dried out the bin’s contents and started afresh, adding the half- digested old contents with new. The Excavation and drying out was smelly work, but it did the job. It took about 4/52 to feed it all back in.

    During the hot dry weather I had no issues 60 degrees and thick oozy leachate in minute quantities. Then came rain and the leachate flooded out again.

    I think my issue is that water is seeping in, rather than getting the mix wrong. I put in rather more shredded card and paper than suggested as I compost a lot of veg peelings and fruit skins and along with shredded garden cuttings as bulking agent, and this has worked fabulously during dry spells.

    I’m trialling putting a bucket over the ventilation slits and vent and if this works will fashion a chimney from it.
    Just waiting for feedback from Hotbin as I lodged an enquiry last week.

    I hope this helps.