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Too much leachate

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  • Too much leachate

    I find my compost is just too wet and pours out leachate on a daily basis. This is despite maintaining excellent working temperatures. I also note this does increase in the rain. Has anyone found the rain gets in through the top ventilation hole? Has anyone made any DIY solutions if that is the case. I am toying with attaching a chimney cowl to the lid as I do not want to close the vent in rain as I will adversely effect the function of the bin.

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    Like that idea v. Much. Have you come up with a solution for this yet?


    • Annabel
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      Yes, I found that when we were getting downpours (some weeks ago!), the temperature of the bin suddenly went down to 30, and the rain had clearly got in. So if there's a danger of rain now I put a small swing-bin lid over the vent, with the swing bit propped open, so that air can get in but not rain. I did find problems with the instructions for how far open to have the valve open - how do you measure a 2mm vent, shaped the way it is?!

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    The HOTBIN should not be expelling more than an espresso cup worth of leachate a week, any more than this suggests that there maybe an inbalance in the HOTBIN's internal moisture content and the amount of shredded paper and/ or torn cardboard being added to the HOTBIN. What types of waste are you adding to your HOTBIN, in roughly what quantities and how often? Are you adding some shredded paper and/or torn cardboard to the HOTBIN? If so, roughly often are you adding it and in what sort of quantities?