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Filter bag contents very very wet

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  • Filter bag contents very very wet

    My compost bin has started to smell and not working too well. I had a look at the filter bag as a last resort to resolving the issue and found a very soggy mixture wrapped in black material. Does any one know if the mixture should be very wet? I have set the contents on a tray in sun to aid drying. Does it need replacing with fresh stuff?

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    I would like to add that the stitching on the bag has gone, composted I expect. I have now removed what looks like composted wood chips by rinsing the mixture through with fresh water and a fine holed colander. I have put some new wood chips in with the white granules and black little sticks and hope this will be fine as a replacement biofilter. I have sewn up the bag with polyester thread so that it will hopefully not perish in the near future. The bin is now working well again. I have had my hotbin for about three and a half years and I do not know how long the biofilter should last. Oh, and I added some charcoal to the mixture.


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      I've had mine for several years and found the same problem. I took the filter bag out altogether and find air circulation is better now.