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Stinking Leachate after bulk filling with fruit and veg

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  • Stinking Leachate after bulk filling with fruit and veg

    Hi all! I spent the last month trying to fill my HotBin to the required depth to hot compost but struggled so decided to go down to all the local greengrocers on delivery day (Saturday) and asked them for all their scraps, success! The HotBin is now to 40cm depth AND has finally reached 40-60c consistently. However it’s now Tuesday and over the past 24 hours the bin has been leaking and producing a lot of very very offensive smelling leachate (smell just like the results of my 3yo with really bad diarrhoea) I’m really hoping this is a result of the first months worth of input never having broken down properly and now being squeezed down and oozing nasty juice.
    Has anyone had this happen as well, will it improve, or do I have a bigger problem.

    Im also worried as going away next week and I have really expensive sandstone slabs which will be eaten away with exposure to the leachate. I have the bin sitting on a 4inch deep tray but I’m worried it will fill this over a week.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    Much love from Emma!

    P.S. the bin contents itself has no foul smell at all