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Leachate shelf life

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  • Leachate shelf life

    I was wondering if anyone has put a shelf life on the leachate they’ve drawn off? Is it an alternative to say “Tomorite”, or an I looking at something that has little nutritional value at all.

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    The leachate definitely has nutritional value and is concentrated, which is why the Hotbin people recommend diluting it before use. My guess is that the balance of nutrients probably depends on the material that you have been composting. I recall there is a question on the Forum about what the leachate contains but not sure that anyone answered that.

    In terms of leachate storage I cant comment as I use mine immediately but I know other people do keep it in containers for several weeks and not had a problem.


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      Thank you Strawberry (forgive the intimacy), most interesting and taken onboard. I suppose as long as the leachate doesn’t smell bed, it should be okay, mine at least has no odour at present, so I’ll keep it tucked away in the dark..
      would be interesting to see if it can be tested somehow.


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        Today just out of curiosity, I put my ec (electrical conductivity) tester into the leachate. To my surprise it gave a reading of 1534, my rain water usually reads 0034. [pure water would be 0000]So there’s certainly something in it.