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  • Clear water leachate

    I'm getting quite a lot of clear or almost clear water when I open the leachate cap. This morning I had a teacup-full and had about the same two days ago.
    The composting seems to be fine - no bad smells, fungus on top, always over 50C, not particularly wet. I opened the bottom door and all seems well there too.
    Could it be rainwater? And what should I do?
    Thanks for any ideas

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    I’d like to add a “me too” although I can get closer to 500ml if I tip the box forward a bit. The leachate used to be dark brown but has gradually cleared, unlike the volume of liquid which continues to be more than expected. Any chance Hotbin could chip in with some wisdom here?


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      Hi. I have a similar issue. I have had my Hotbin about six weeks, and it seems to be working fine - the inside temperature is 50C+ and there are no bad smells. I don't get a lot of leachate, but what does come out is almost clear, just a slight straw colour, and has no detectable odour at all. I have read that the leachate should be dark brown, and would like to know if this clear liquid is OK to add to the watering can.