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Recurring maggots

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  • Recurring maggots

    New to composting but I’ve noticed maggots around the inside lid of my bin the last two times I’ve opened the lid to top up. The temperature on the long stem thermometer inside the bin has been in the green range each time so I’m a bit confused as to how they’ve survived. I’ve introduced a new cleanliness regimen of wiping around the lid thoroughly with bin deodoriser today to make sure there are no odd scraps getting stuck on there - maybe that was the problem before? My kitchen caddy has a lid with filter in it so don’t think flies are getting on the waste before it goes in the bin. Any other ideas? It’s pretty disgusting at the moment so keen to sort the problem out.

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    Hi BellaRobbie,

    It sounds like your heap is too hot for them to survive so they are trying to crawl up the walls to escape. I would use the rake to brush them back into the bin and stir them in to the hottest top layer of the heap. They cannot survive temperatures higher than 40°c. Hopefully this is an isolated occurrence so once you have composted these maggots they will not comeback!


    • BellaRobbie
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      Thanks I’ve done that - no sign for a few days, hopefully that’s the problem solved.