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    The HOTBIN is not rat proof.

    Rats like a cosy, dry place to nest, food to eat and shelter from predators. They usually find food via smell, so commonly odours coming from decaying material will usually attract rats.

    However! HOTBIN is a sealed unit with a built-in bio-filter to reduce any odours coming from the bin. This reduces the risk of rodents being attracted to the bin considerably.

    So, in theory (and largely in practice) - no odours = no rodents!

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    Something has been eating the vent bit on the top of the bin and it looks like it they have been trying to find a way in through the hole. I have had to put a bit of carpet and bricks on top. Could be rats, could be crows. Very resourceful our wildlife!


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      I've had the same problem... I think it was foxes. I've stopped putting meat in my bin now. I wonder if HotBin do replacement vent at the top? Mine is gone!


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        To add to this topic although I realise it's pretty old now: Yesterday, I tipped my Hotbin onto its back (I am pretty new to the bin and it was too wet at the bottom), I opened the front hatch, mixed in a lot more bulking agent as per recommendations and then re-attached to hatch and stood it back up again. The same night rats chewed at the hatch which must've retained the smell of the food. I've had no problems before and I know that there are rats around. I sprayed the hatch with Mr Muscle and bleach and then washed it down in oder to remove the smell. Just a warning to others to try and remove the smells there if you open the hatch. I hope this works!


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          A quick tip which is not only free but also is a lot safer for you and any pets you may have, is using herbal tinctures to keep the rats away.

          Rats, along with some species of flies and other creepy crawlies, really don't like the smell of mint and lavender. If you have got any mint or lavender at home, plant some around your HOTBIN and dry, grind and boil the leaves until the water starts to turn a deep amber to make a tincture. Allow the mixture to cool and put it in a spray bottle and spray around the HOTBIN and even on the surface. This should deter the rats from the HOTBIN in a natural and safe way.

          Species of mint that are very pungent are:

          Black pepper mint


          Cat mint - which is also great if you have feline fur babies!

          You can also use expanding foam and wire wool to keep them away. For some reason, rats really dislike the feeling of the wire wool - it must prickle their paws. Stick some to the vulnerable areas of your HOTBIN to keep them away.


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            I have just noticed problems with, I suspect, rat damage to my hotbin. Something has chewed all around the hinge area at the rear of the lid! No meat stuff at this time of year I supposed looking for food & warmth. Annoying, because we thought we were free of a previous problem in a different area of the garden. Will have to find a reasonable day to empty the bin, clean hinge & lid & repair.


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              Hi I do not have rats but lots of flies in the bin does anyone know how I deal with this


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                Also have flies - I just noticed them when i drained off some liquid - the liquid had a lot of fruit flies in it - is that usual?


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                  Yes, flies are attracted to the liquid. In the past I've tipped my composter back and poured a little boiling water into the leachate hole and around the air vent at the bottom. That cured the problem for me. The odd fly here or there doesn't bother me. Emptying the leachate more often might help.


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                    I've also been having problems with a rat chewing its way in via the air vent. I'm trying to stop the problem by fitting some wire mesh over the lid, but am concerned that once a rodent knows the bin is worth getting in to it could gnaw its way in from any direction.
                    This seems a serious problem for a bin which is sold on the basis that it deals with all manner of food items including meat!


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                      A rat has just eaten it’s way into my do you stop them? Or fix a wire mesh over the vent?
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