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  • Pesky Rodents

    The HOTBIN is not rat proof.

    Rats like a cosy, dry place to nest, food to eat and shelter from predators. They usually find food via smell, so commonly odours coming from decaying material will usually attract rats.

    However! HOTBIN is a sealed unit with a built-in bio-filter to reduce any odours coming from the bin. This reduces the risk of rodents being attracted to the bin considerably.

    So, in theory (and largely in practice) - no odours = no rodents!

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    Something has been eating the vent bit on the top of the bin and it looks like it they have been trying to find a way in through the hole. I have had to put a bit of carpet and bricks on top. Could be rats, could be crows. Very resourceful our wildlife!


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      I've had the same problem... I think it was foxes. I've stopped putting meat in my bin now. I wonder if HotBin do replacement vent at the top? Mine is gone!