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  • Maggots everywhere!!

    Very new to composting and have just purchased the 100 Hotbin as there are only 2 of us so we don't produce a lot of waste, which may be an issue going forward.

    As such, the process to get the Hotbin 'hot' and filled up to above the hatch, is a longer process for us.

    We are only at 3 weeks, and have followed all the guidance's to the letter, but we now have little white maggots everywhere! There is a mass of them inside the lid and some up the inside walls, but what is now putting my wife off persevering with the Hotbin, is that some are escaping and can be seen on top of the hotbin outside!!

    The outside temp gauge in the lid is just under the greenzone consistently, it has only once just got into it on a very hot day, but the inside is within the green zone, and when I open the hotbin, the steam and heat is very noticeable, along with an uncomfortable rotting smell and at times, a lot of moisture.

    Unfortunately we don't have a lawn, so the quick fix of grass cuttings is'nt an option, but in reading many posts on this subject along with advice on the Hotbin site, I may have got the ratio's slightly wrong, as in an effort to get the hotbin hot asap, I have been putting mainly food waste only straight into the bin for the last week (don't use a caddy). However, I have now added some more paper and mulch starter in the black bag it came with, although I did put all that in at the start on a bed of small twigs, brown leaves and flower cuttings, but I think I was trying to layer to much, so I've mixed it up slightly, but not too deeply, again as advised on the site and leaflets.

    I've noticed a slight leak at the bottom of the raised bin, which I don't think should be happening, so I need a pointer on that, plus, how are these maggots getting out of the bin if it's supposedly such a good seal, quite a lot are around the valve which I only have slightly (2mm) open, again as advised?

    I need a quick fix for the maggot infestation, or the wife is going to want me to get rid of it, so!

    We're in Coventry, England so the weather is going to get cooler soon, so I'm concerned were fighting a losing battle trying to keep this bin hot with limited waste added!
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    As per my post above, our neighbor had their lawn cut yesterday, so I grabbed all the grass cuttings.

    I’ve added a typical box of cuttings from the mower, and stored another box for the future.

    The box of grass cuttings has now taken the level to above the hatch, so I’m hoping to see a much improved temperature now which will hopefully see us get rid of the maggots.

    At 6am this morning the lid temperature was just on the start of the green zone, so I’m hopeful that will increase as the day unfolds.

    As seen by the photos, the maggots are in all the recesses of the lid, the hinges, but there are some that do get out, which is my wife’s biggest complaint.

    I will add though, there were many many more maggots on view yesterday, I’m not sure if it was just too early and they were having a Sunday lay in this morning, or if the hotbin has reacted to the newly added grass cuttings, only time will tell, so we’re just going to leave it alone now for a week, and let’s see if the cuttings do their magic 🤞