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Not squirrel-proof - this has been an expensive mistake!

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  • Not squirrel-proof - this has been an expensive mistake!

    I thought the small hotbin would be perfect for my inner city garden. I've only had it for 6 months, but I think it was an expensive mistake because it can't withstand grey squirrels. (Definitely squirrels, not rats.)

    First they stole the valve from the lid. Not the end of the world, I thought, I'll order another one.

    Then I saw that they'd gnawed a big hole through the side of the bin and and had been pulling out some of the contents. I've tried to patch it up, and used gaffer tape to try to seal it from the outside. But it's clearly not a thermally-efficient repair, because the temperature inside the bin is below 20 degrees. And if they've chewed through once, they'll do it again. I need an armour-plated version!

    It's so disappointing. Can anybody suggest how I might be able to fix it, or am I going to have to give up on it?Click image for larger version

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    How very disappointing for you. Have you been in touch with the manufacturers at all? They may have some suggestions.


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      Hi I’m having similar trouble- rodents have eaten through the bit by hinges so it is impossible to repair. I wrote to customer service and they have been most unhelpful. I just wander what happened to you (I can’t see any reply from Hotbin) . Please let me know if you can as it is most frustrating!


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        Sirs if I may, if we’re in your position I would be encasing it in twilweld. Bought at any DIY store and from it form a slip over protective barrier. No special tools required just a bit of thought and patience. Wildlife will always find an easy option go get food, that’s why we lock our homes when we leave.