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Bees nesting in the lid

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  • Bees nesting in the lid

    Like a good boy I've been leaving the vent open and the Hotbin has been chugging away. For the last few days I've been seeing the odd bee round the vent and today, when I investigated, there are dozens. I've closed the vent for now and I'd rather not use insecticides but does anyone have any tips or advice? There's no sign of them underneath the lid but it's hard to tell how much space there is for a nest. Are they likely to chew through the fabric I can see inside the lid and what will be the consequences? What will be the effect on the compost if honey starts drip[ping down ?

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    Probably not related but yesterday as I was looking for bees I spotted a large slug, also inside the vent cavity. Managed to hoik it out but it makes me wonder what else is lurking in there.


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      Please don’t use insecticides! Our poor bees are having a hard enough time as it is 😥