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  • Creepy Crawlies

    You should not find flies, ants or any other critters in your HOTBIN. This is because at hot composting temperatures 40-60°C they will be unable to survive

    As soon as the temp rises above 30C, you start to see an exodus – some creatures (crawling ones) migrate down to base of bin, the rest try to escape up the walls towards the lid.

    How do you get rid of them?

    Easy - Keep the HOTBIN hot and the next time you add waste there will be no bugs or critters.

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    I have a lot of maggots try to crawl out. Part of the problem mentioned: an anaerobic bin, too wet. Never had this problem in a cold heap outside. I always cover my kitchen waste so they did not come through this route. How can flies come in and lay their eggs? How do you get these high temperatures in the first place? Still struggling like many others though I do everything as suggested. Will increase wood chips and paper. How do you shred carton? By hand? There are no cheap machines, cost 10.000 euro!