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Found Worms in the HOTBIN?

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  • Found Worms in the HOTBIN?

    Although worms are not needed in the HOTBIN you may find them in your waste. Their eggs can be found in soil or old compost that is added to the bin usually in the initial base layer.

    If you do find them in your bin they are likely to be at the bottom in the cooler layers or wriggling out at the top trying to escape from the hot composting temperatures in which they will not be able to survive.

    Do you have wrigglers in your HOTBIN?

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    Do the worms cause the production of liquid dripping out of the vent at the base of the Hotbin Should we collect this as liquid from a traditional wormery is liquid gold!


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      Hi there!

      The black gold you describe is leachate, this is water that hasn’t evaporated during the hot composting process. Instead it drains down to the bottom of the HOTBIN, dissolving humic compounds from the compost as it does. This forms the dark brown liquid – leachate which is basically compost tea.

      You should be getting around an espresso cup amount full a week - you can collect it via a diy method and use it as a fertiliser if you wish.