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Where have all my worms gone?

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  • Where have all my worms gone?

    ShouId I be concerned - in the last week or two I've noticed a distinct lack of worms in the Hotbin? Everything else seems to be ok and I've been adding the usual things ie kitchen waste, shredded paper, ripped up cardboard, wood chips, grass clippings (not too many of these), and there have always been worms evident. The temperature (inside) is currently 45, and usually worms are all at the top on the inside walls. Appreciate any thoughts.

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    All is fine it turns out - I emptied half of the bin yesterday and the worms were all clustered in the bottom half. (And the compost looks good - probably some of the best it's made yet after receiving some excellent tips on here, so thanks everyone!).


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      We're pleased to hear that you found the worms in your HOTBIN Spadelessade..they will be helping to further break down the material in your bin.

      Worms tend to live in the material found at the botttom of the HOTBINs where the temperatures are cooler for them. You may also find some worms gathering around the top of the HOTBIN's walls when you're operating within hot composting temperatures of 40-60°C as they are looking for a way out of the bin.


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        Yeah, they won't dissapear that easily, they are usually somewhere in the pile (well, if you have a plastic closed casing), gotta crawl down there to see them working!