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  • Maggots

    We have discovered tiny maggots around the top of the Hotbin under the lid edge. We have only recently started the bin, but the temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees. Should we be concerned?

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    Hi Neil,

    This is nothing to be concerned about they have probably entered via your food waste you have added to the HOTBIN. If you are composting between 40 and 60°c then they are probably trying to find somewhere cooler as flies and maggots die off around 42°c. They wont do any harm and you should find that they just die off eventually.

    If you use a kitchen food caddy just make sure the lid is closed at all times to prevent and flies laying eggs.


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      How do you get the temperature up the maggots and flies are horrible


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        Hello Judy, Getting the bin into green temperature zone requires a good mix ideally kitchen and garden waste, if you can add cut grass or stale bread/cakes this is ideal, plenty of cross cut shredded paper, some corrugated cardboard in small bits and some bulking agent. Before you add fresh stuff stir up the top layer of old material, add fresh and stir it so some of the old stuff is mixed with the new. Make sure that waste is at least level with the top of the hatch. If the contents are really stinky then it has gone anaerobic. There are good tips on Youtube videos by Beanie Composter.