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Tiny white jumping bugs

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  • Tiny white jumping bugs

    Hi, I’ve moved my hot compost bin into the greenhouse. A good move, it is very hot. Half a pint of leachate a day. However I’m getting these pin prick sized bugs in it. Can anyone identify these and should I be concerned? I’ll try to upload the photo.

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    Here is the photo.
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      Hello Hollydaze. Cant see the photo but from description I have found the same type of bugs in the leachate over the last few weeks. No idea what they are but Ive used the diluted leachate in the garden and so far no problems. They may be a small type of Springtail, in which case they are not a problem. The bin is running at high temperature so adult flies would have died off, which makes me think the most likely they are Springtails.