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Worms in drain

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  • Worms in drain


    I unscrewed the cap on the bin and it was bungled up with worms which I had to remove before any leachate could drain out.

    Is this normal?

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    I've seen the odd tiny critter in my leachate (drowning fly or beetle), and i've seen hotbins infested with composting worms because the compost never got hot. Never seen drainage cap bunged with worms before. Its possible they made their way into the compost and when it got too hot for them they retreated through the drainage holes.


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      I tried to drain leachate today and loads of foul smelling dead compost worms came pouring out. I had often seen them at the top of the bin previously when the compost is very hot. Ive been hot composting for about a year and never had a problem before. Any advice welcome


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        I've had exactly the same this week. Have had the bin for a year and never had this problem before. Advice please!